Musical Director

Musical Director, Andy Norman.


Andy was appointed as MD towards the end of 2005 when Cowes Concert Band was at a very low point in its membership.  The band was on the brink of folding and the decision to approach Andy was made in the knowledge that his reputation as a musician and musical director was likely to attract new players.

The move worked very well and from a low point of about 8 regular players the band is now up to full strength.

Although Andy is best known for his work as a jazz musician his roots are in brass banding having started playing at an early age with The Royston Town Band, now known as the band which started Alison Balsom.

Taught first by his father, Peter (now CCB librarian) and later by Bill Thompson, who also taught Alison, Andy is a verstile brass player. These days he mostly plays trumpet/flugel but is just as happy playing trombone or tuba.



Andy is also a prolific composer and arranger and writes much of the music for CCB including their "Band March", Royal Osborne.  Andy's music can be purchased at his website .

Andy can be contacted on 07786166304 (00447786166304 outside of UK).